Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sylheti Muslims of Assam: History

Sylheti Muslims in India, today, identified themselves as Bengali, however, at the same time they are very cautious about own Sylheti cultural identity. If you ask any Sylheti particularly from Karimganj District, you can become sure within a few seconds that how much vociferous and assertive one is with his Sylheti identity. Though Sylheti considered themselves a part of larger Bengali linguistic community, but at the same time eager to express their difference with rest of the Bengalis like Kelus, Dhakaya or Maimansingia.
A detail historical analysis to the origin of Sylheti, infect, substantiate their claim distintness within Bengali Society. Descendents of these large numbers of Muslim Sylheti were actually adventurer from central Asia, Arab, Afganistan and northern India. The dailect Sylheti itself started its journey after the settlement of Turko-Afghans. The settlement and interaction of those newcomer with local communities shaped the dawn of boost Sylehti culture.
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